Piezosurgery by Pinole CA Endodontist, Dr. Irene YehPiezosurgery

Leading practices such as ours choose to use Piezosurgery® for our patients. Piezosurgery® has been proven to be the safest, most precise and efficient technology for surgical applications from simple extractions to a number of more complex surgeries.

Basically, Piezosurgery® uses ultrasonic micro-vibrations to gently cut bone without being able to cut softer, more delicate anatomy. Patients report that healing is faster, swelling is greatly reduced and recovery is much more comfortable.

Piezosurgery machine used by Endodontist, Dr. Irene Yeh

Are You a Candidate for Piezosurgery?

Advances in the field have made surgery procedures much simpler. Pinole Endodontics provides excellent care with great patient outcomes.

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