Charity Work

Dr. Yeh believes in giving back to society. She has volunteered extensively with local and global charity organizations. It started with El Sobrante Rotary Club on a trip to the rural area of Mulejo, Mexico in 2010. She then joined Project Vietnam and Vietnam Hope in 2016 and 2019. Dr. Yeh is affiliated with NAMA (North America Taiwanese Medical Association). Burma, Cambodia, and Paraguay were among the countries they visited, donated their time and efforts in helping the under-served population. On the local level, Dr. Yeh helped out Tzu Chi, a Taiwanese Budddist organization, provided free dental care for low income families in the South Bay area.


Myanmar 2016

This patient came in to the clinic during a mission trip to Myanmar in 2016 simply wanting an extration of her back molar to rid her of toothache. Her front teeth were completely decayed and Dr. Yeh was determined to give her a beautiful smile. After two hours, two root canal treatments and core buildups, limited supplies and 80 degree weather a new smile was acheived. In Dr. Yeh’s words, “Happiness is to see her finally ‘smiling out big’!”

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